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Why take cards?


Have you ever left the house, heading to the shops, only to realise you’ve forgotten your bank card? Chances are if you have done, you probably regretted it. Your customers are exactly the same.

Have you ever entered a shop intending to purchase goods, but the shop only takes cash and you only have your card? Essentially, you have two options; abort the purchase and try to find the item elsewhere, or try to find a cash machine. 25% of shoppers1 have left a shop, completely abandoning the purchase, because they did not have cash and the shop didn’t accept cards.

A quarter of the market just gave up on spending their money with you.

Gone are the days where offering cards is seen as a nice gesture. 4 out of 5 consumers expect to have the option to pay by card1, that’s 80% of the market you can either chose to welcome or turn away.

However, having a card machine is now the absolute minimum. Nearly a third of consumers would prefer to pay with a contactless method because of its speed and ease1. Retailers must keep up with the advances in payment technology if they want to keep up with the expectations of the market.

For around 50p per day, your business could meet & exceed the expectations of your target market.

But getting a card machine isn’t so simple. UK card payments processing providers are, shall we say, a little bit sneaky. They hide unnecessary fees within your merchant statements which add up over time. PCI fees are one, minimum monthly service charges are another, but the worst type are miscellaneous fees – what on earth do they include? Moreover, they tie you into ridiculously long contracts and then make it incredibly hard for you to leave.

 Here, Mainline is different. We are the only UK card processing provider that offers card machines with:

No Set-Up Fees

No PCI fees

No Miscellaneous Fees

No Hidden Charges

We even include a complimentary engineer installation, plus additional training (subject to your location), so that you can hit the ground running instead of struggling through a booklet of complicated instructions. And with our 24/7 technical support & UK customer care team, assistance is ongoing and always available.

Unlike our competitors, we do not lock you into lengthy contracts which span multiple years. Instead, all Mainline customers, even limited companies, are offered a 12 month fully regulated agreement to give you peace of mind & the flexibility to tailor next year’s agreement to suit your future business needs – this is the shortest agreement of its type available in the UK.

So if you’re new to cards and need a partner to help you and your business grow – we are here to help. For more information, or for a bespoke quote, simply call 01472 255745 to speak to one of the team today.

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1 Research by EE, 2015.

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